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Welcome to the Money Saving Blog! 

I've created this blog to help so many individuals who have contacted me because they are struggling financially. I'm sharing some details on my life and money saving adventures.

There are many things that I will reference in my blog such as Big Crumbs (you can join for free) that helps my family save money while shopping. In fact you should always use Big Crumbs while shopping online because its free, has almost every store on the site, and gives you money back.

This blog will be great for anybody who wants to save money in their lives.

LAST UPDATE - Jan 3, 2012

Day 15 - Save Money on Internet Shopping
Day 14 - Save Money by Reusing Things
Day 13 - Save Money by Forgetting the Joneses
Day 12 - Save Money by Using Thrift Stores
Day 11 - Save Money by Stopping Starbucks Trips
Day 10 - Save Money by Ditching the Gym
Day 9 - Save Money on Your Phone with Magic Jack
Day 8 - Window Fans Save Money on Electricity
Day 7 - Why MPG matters
Day 6 - Save Money on Gas Using Tire Pressures
Day 5 - Save Money on Groceries by Shopping at Aldi
Day 4 - More Solar Attic Fan Savings
Day 3 - Save Money with Prepaid Phones
Day 2 - Save Money with the Lentil Substitute
Day 1 - Save Money on Electricity by Using Solar Vent Fans

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