Window fans will help you save money on electricity.

Day 8: Window Fans Save Money on Electricity

With the recent heat wave here in Texas, I can't emphasize enough just how much money our window fans have saved us. They simply insert into any window and if they are set on exhaust, they will suck air out of your home.

So basically this works very similar to a while house fan. Simply leave a window that is in the shade open somewhere else in your home, and the fans will draw the nice cool shaded air through the open window while blowing all the stagnate warm air in your home out. I have been very impressed with our window fans. You can buy them at Home Depot and I encourage everybody get a discount through Big Crumbs (free to join and only offers savings) if you decide to purchase them The fan models that we bough were the Lasko 2155A. They are going to help us save money on electricity through many years.

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