Why MPG matters.

Day 7: Why MPG Matters

I can't even describe the amount of people I have heard through the years who shun off the practicality of miles per gallon calculation when they are buying a vehicle. The concept of this just baffles me as a see a happy go lucky individual fall in love with the latest SUV never considering the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of miles that they will need fuel for.

With the price of gasoline seeming always on the rise, I just can't explain how stumped I am at the concept of people buying a large 8 cylinder vehicle that only gets 13 MPG if they are lucky. Often since 8 cylinder vehicles are larger, they sport a much higher price tag than that of a small 4 cylinder that has a much smaller base price, but will end up getting 39 MPG. All things considered, for every gallon of gas (just calculate the current price of today) will have the person driving 26 more miles for every single gallon! It's really far especially when you consider through the life of the vehicle just how many miles you will put on it.

It doesn't take much math to see why every single mile per gallon that you can get will help you save money on gas. My advice for people who are out there looking at these large beautiful trucks and SUVs to walk briskly over to the small 4 cylinders in the lot, and make a smart purchase that will help them instantly beginning to save money.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not advocating that you go buy an expensive hybrid because often the base price and battery changes after 100k miles will cost you more in fuel savings. I'm encouraging you to go buy a small 4 cylinder that is one of the lot specials with minimal features to save the most money on the base price. It's ironic that these types of cars also get nearly as good MPG as they expensive hybrid counterparts.

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