Save money on gasoline by increasing tire pressures.

Day 6: Save Money on Gas Using Tire Pressures

Many people do not realize just how much getting better MPG in your vehicle can help you save money. One major trick that several people do to get better miles per gallon in their car is to over inflate their tire pressures. This causes less road resistance on your tires because your tire will have less contact with the road. This translates into less friction which is the cause of any vehicle slow down.

When I personally overinflated my tires, I saw an instant increase of 3 miles per gallon! It really will help you save money on gas. Some people say that this practice is unsafe, so each of us takes our own risks when we decide to do this. I've been over inflating my tires for over 7 years now by 5 psi on the label on the side of the tire and have never had a problem with blow outs. I will continue to do this in order to get the best gas mileage possible. I personally do not find it risky and have always had great results doing this.

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