Saving money on groceries by shopping at Aldi.

Day 5: Aldi - Saving Money on Groceries

My family has been saving a ton of money on our Groceries at a store called Aldi. If you have one in your area, I would highly suggest that you consider trying to shop there a few times just for the simple fact to see if you can save money. Most of their products are in house made but are insanely cheap in price. They basically have everything that a typical grocery store has, but for far less in prices.

With 5 children you'd expect that I would be sitting here raving about warehouse clubs for savings. I'll tell you from a money standpoint, Aldi wins hands down. Their produce is fresh and wonderful and much cheaper than any warehouse club. Let me give you an example.

At my local Costco, 12 pounds of oranges in a box costs $13.99. Aldi had a bag of 4 pounds of oranges for $2.99. So if I buy 3 bags of oranges at Aldi, I'll have 12 pounds for roughly $9.00. $5.00 is an amazing amount of savings on one single product, plus I have the option of just buying 8 pounds rather than a full 12 pounds! These types of savings are typical in the Aldi stores.

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