Saving money with solar attic fans.

Day 4: More Solar Attic Fans

With the awesome results with our lower attic, we decided to invest in some solar attic fans for our upper attic. They have made an incredible difference to our home's temperature since they have been installed. It's really interesting to find out just how much heat invades your home that has all been built up in an attic space. I know this is going to save money on electricity, but I'll have to detail out the savings later when I get more data together. So far I'm extremely impressed in how great the heat has been reduced.

With less heat it will mean that the air conditioning units will use less power to cool down my home. The basically will translate into less wattage used in electricity that will reflect into savings in power. It's very interesting to me how the sun is the cause of the attic heating up, but it is also the source of the power for the solar attic vent fans to cool the attic off.

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