Saving money on cell phones.

Day 3: Saving Money on Cell Phones

Today I had to recharge my pre-paid cell phone minutes. Basically, these phones have been a complete blessing for my family and have helped save money in astronomical proportions on cell phone fees. Basically we have one strategy that we stand by. We buy a pre-paid wireless phone and we only buy about $25 worth of top up minutes every three months. The main discipline that we live by is to get to the point of any conversation whenever using the cell phone. We have narrowed most calls down to less than 20 seconds using this discipline. When you compare these savings to many people who have a $70 a month phone bill, it doesn't take long to see just how much money we are saving. Now just imagine how much money we will save on cell phones for the next couple of decades. It doesn't take much math to see the thousands of dollars worth of savings.

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