Save money with the lentil substitute.

Day 2: Save Money with the Lentil Substitute

Since my family loves to eat ground beef that is organic, we often find the cost of the meat to be pretty high. We have discovered a fantastic trick that works for almost any type of dish that requires ground beef and will really help you save money.

Basically all you do is to soak about 8 ounces of lentil beans in some water for about an hour and a half. Then bring the lentils to a small boil and add a bit of beef Bullion. Let them boil for about 10 minutes. Once the lentils are pretty soft, you can add the lentils to any dish that would otherwise just use beef. If you grind the lentils down into a paste, it works even better.

The taste is incredibly similar to that of beef, and the flavor of the ground beef soaks into the lentils. You can literally cut half the cost of your ground beef by doing this. Lentils are also incredibly nutritious and low calorie, so this is absolutely a healthy less expensive must do.

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