Save money by forgetting the Joneses.

Day 13: Save Money by Forgetting the Joneses

How many times have we seen people sink small fortunes into trying to compete with their neighbors? I've seen grown men going into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt all because they wanted to always be one step above their neighbor. When you live in the mentality that you always want to be "better" or appear more rich than somebody else, you are in for a prideful nightmare ridden in pure debt.

Sometimes it really does help to swallow pride when considering personal finances and saving money. Ask yourself how you are going to possibly be able to save money if you are always trying to out do all of your neighbors? Consider the fact that these things do not matter at all and are a waste of resources, energy, and your heart. It may be better to humble yourself and tell the Joneses the great art of saving money and frugality.

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