Save money by using thrift stores.

Day 12: Save Money by Using Thrift Stores

I know it may sound odd or cheap, but using thrift stores to buy your clothing can be one of the best methods of saving money out there! Sometimes people may get embarrassed or a feeling of shame because they have bought other people's used clothing. Remember that often this is the pressure that the commercialized society (along with peer pressure from many friends and family) has put into you.

The Amish have a saying of money savings. "Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without". I think that if you consider what the Amish people have taught us about things such as clothing that you will see that thrift store clothing truly has a lot of life left in the clothing items and you can get nearly a 90% discount often on what you would pay at a standard retail store.

So time to suck up your pride and realize it's just a deadly sin. Hold your head up high and march right into the thrift stores for some real good deals on clothing.

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