Save money by stopping your daily Starbucks trip.

Day 11: Save Money by Stopping the Starbucks

Everybody needs to realize just how much money they spend on frivolous things daily without thinking about the long term effect. People who spend money on Starbucks for example, never consider that the daily $3.99 coffee can add up to over $1456 every single year and that's without the tax. Sure I understand that Starbucks makes a great cup of coffee, but I also want to remind you that there are many fantastic sources available online for you to mimic the taste and flavor of Starbucks.

Even if you don't come close, sometimes contentment helps when you are trying to cut back on your spending and save money. Simply do without their coffee and bring your own even if it is not exactly as good as theirs. However I will state, if you use good filtered water, you can come awfully close!

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