Save money and electricity with solar attic vent fans.

Day 1: Solar Attic Vent Fans Save Money

Today I've installed some solar attic vent fans that I bought at Costco because the upper level of my home was incredibly hot in the Texas afternoons and into the evenings. I discovered that the attic was about 150F and it was seeping its heat back down into my home. This was literally frying the upper level of my home and was forcing our air conditioners to work in over drive which was wasting money and electricity.

These vent fans basically installed directly under my static vents that are basically "vent holes" in my roof with a cover. The fans mounted directly right up under the static vents. The fans pull hot air out of your attic while sucking in fresh cool air from the outside through the soffit vents on the eves.

Now that the fans are installed, our attic feels like if we were sitting outside in the shade under a tree. The upper levels of our home are nice and cool, the fans are solar powered, and we should save money on our electric bill for now on. It's great that the fans have a 20 year warranty so we should be good to go for a long while. I think this is a great way to save money on electricity using solar attic vent fans.

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