Hello my friends, did you know that 95% of all people who start diets fail? We are excited to present to you a diet that WORKS permenately and is guaranteed to be the last you will ever need. Unlike every other diet that exists, my promise to you is that with this diet, you WILL lose weight. I can make this promise because this diet - as far as we know, has technically existed for over 5,000 years and has existed in almost every language and country for Millineums.

The reason other diets fail, is because they offer "tricks and secrets" to losing weight, rather than addressing the TRUTH of what is happening to you! By now, I'm sure you have seen Low-Carbs, Negative Calories, Grape Fruit, Cabbage soup, Diet Cards, Fat Counters, Nasty Shakes, Slim down shakes, Slim down Pills, appetite control pills, diet shake powders, diet bars, diet frozen food, diet this - diet that.... All these diets promise to make you lose weight with ease and at a rapid pace too. On the packaging they show you an image 20 year old model, posing as if to say "You can be just like me, if you only buy this product".

The TRUTH is my brothers and sisters, is that WE suffer from a sin known as Gluttony.

Satan has tempted us to eat and destroy our health and body - and we have listened to him. Satan then exploits our condition to lead us into other sins. He will have us destroy our souls further by luring us into diets for reasons such as vanity and lust. He will have us to believe "By avoiding certain foods God provides for us, that we can be thin, sexually appealing to others, muscular, and the epiphany of health". When we try to cure a sin without the involvment of Jesus Christ, we will always fail.

We want all to understand and stop seeking false promises and lies about their weight problem. We have all given so many excuses for our eating. But the reality is, we have strayed away from Christ, and bought into temptation. We have actually listened to Satan, and he has encouraged us the entire way. When we decide to lose, he tempts us with vanity or lust to motivate us. We then come up with blame, excuses, and any reason - other than evil being the cause of being fat. He wishes to destroy our holy temple, so that it is hurt and unhealty. This effects us mentally with depression and a low self esteem. Satan then often feeds on this causing us to become more hostile, mean towards others, to judge others, and hate ourselves. Being fat is a vicious cycle of reoccuring sin, which only the beautiful love, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ can stop.


I have struggled with weight all of my life. I have tried MANY diets through the years and always seemed to lose a few pounds, then relapsed and continued to abuse food. I've thought of every excuse from genetics to depression for my reason of eating. I saw food as the problem, rather than my sin. Finally, I found The Lord's Table... 4 years later and 50 pounds lighter, (I lost the weight in 3 months)I have found that Christ is the only solution to any sin. -Gina Warsham -San Diego, CA

The Lord's Table was completely unique in the approach on how to lose weight. It was a huge eye opener to myself and my wife about how we fell into the sin of Gluttony. We have lost a combined weight of 130 pounds and have never felt closer to God than we do now. -Mark Thompson -Yonkers, NY

I've seen ALL the diets... At least so it seems. I've been heavy since I was 8 years old. I was the "Fat Kid" in school, and the laughing stock through the years. I have NEVER been able to lose weight. What I didn't know all these years is that Jesus Christ loves me and that through his grace, I could throw Satan out of my life, and lose weight. So far I've lost 72 pounds and counting. Gregory Stelphs -Denver, CO

My abuse of food started happening in my teens. I seemed to eat fast food at least 4 times a week. I had what seemed to be uncontrollable urges to "just eat it". I would look in the mirror and be angry at myself (even pinching my fat in disgust in front of the mirror). I would look at all the "skinny girls" and be angry that I could not ever look like them. What I didn't know, is that I was trying to lose weight without recognizing the root of the problem, Gluttony. I've tried all the fad diets, easy fixes, and even starving myself. The Lord's Table completely changed my eating habits and view on losing weight. I just can't stress enough how much it has helped me. I've lost 49 pounds and have kept it off for 1 year now. It also cleared my horrible acne. -Megan Green -Orlando, FL

What we are offering:

The Lord's TableTM is an Exclusive faith based diet plan which will guide you into spiritual purity away from the sin of Gluttony. We have designed it to be a beautiful scriptural based experience to help you bring Christ into your heart, and replace the sin of Gluttony with Christ's message and love.

This diet plan comes in the form of an electronic book (E-Book) which is a wonderful piece of technology that offers vast features past a conventional book. The book includes a beautiful scriptural based diet plan to help you sever your ties to Gluttony permenately.

The diet plan includes:

A powerful 30 day diet program that will immediately begin to change your eating habits. This is a day by day scriptural based instruction course, which will guide you through the toughest moments of dieting and temptation. Our course will completely change the way you feel about food and overeating and will change your lifestyle with food permenately. Also, our course will provide you with some simple exercises that greatly increase your energy and motivation!

After the course, we will follow up with an outlined plan for your new lifestyle. This will include an enormous recipe database of completely delicious foods to help you on the road to healthy eating and continual weight loss.

Also, we give you a database of items that you can eat when you must go to fast food.

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The Lord's TableTM will change your eating lifestyle permenately. We have had excellent results with those people who are committed to look honestly and humbly at their weight problem. We all know that without stepping back and seeing gluttony for what it is, permenant weight loss will be impossible. The Lord's TableTM is about honesty. Only the truth will set you free from your sin.


What is an E-Book?

An E-Book works is just like a standard book but better. Rather than being a book made of paper, this book is completely on your computer. It can be printed or read from your computer. It is a software program that is designed to specifically feel like a regular book (i.e. You Flip Pages) however; unlike a conventional book it also has clickable links if you want more information on a specific subject. If you are online while reading the e-book, it can also update itself (give you more recipes, exercise programs etc) from our database.


Can the E-Book harm my computer?

Absolutely not!! It's perfectly safe to use the E-Book.

Does an ebook work with MY computer?

YES! Our Ebook is COMPUTER SOFTWARE and not a text file. Our E-book is compatible with ANY computer that uses Microsoft Windows. If you run a Macintosh or Linux, we also have a downloadable PDF file which will open in any PDF viewer.

How do I download the E-Book?

Once you submit your payment, you will be transferred to our download site with completely easy to follow instructions. It's actually as simple as clicking on a link.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, The Lord's TableTM has a 90 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee

Is my credit card information and email address safe?

Absolutely! Your credit card is processed from an EXTREMELY secure server called clickbank. It's 100% safe. Your Email address is NEVER sold or used for advertisement.

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