How to save money and stay warm in the winter.

Save Money and Stay Warm in the Winter 

We all want to stay nice and warm in the winter. Unfortunately, many people dread the high utility bills that come with staying warm. Whether it is oil, gas, or electricity, you will probably end up dreading your bills. I will teach you some excellent methods for saving money and staying warm in the winter for very cheap.

1. Heat only rooms that you use with a space heater. This will prevent wasted electricity from warming up rooms you do not need with a regular full home/apartment heater. A small space heater also runs on a tiny fraction of the power that a home heater runs on. If you do not need to heat your entire home, you will save money in the winter because obviously you are only using power to heat the room you are in.

2. Wear multiple layered clothing. Wearing two long sleeve shirts with a long sleeve sweater will keep you warm in many situations. Many people do not even need much heating from their space heaters if they are dressed properly (unless you live in northern states). You will save money in the winter because you can at least keep your heaters turned lower if not off.

3. Keep your feet WARM! Buy wool socks. This is mandatory. Your feet are very important to overall how warm you feel. Good thick wool socks will keep you much warmer than you imagine.

4. Buy window shades, and spray paint them flat black. This is especially good if you live in a rural area without neighbors who care. This will in itself warm your house up incredibly and will help you save money by needing less energy to heat your home.

5. Use electric blankets on your bed at night. This will let you turn down the space heater thermostat in the room that you are in. Use multiple blankets on your bed including a good wool blanket. Since you will be in bed for 8 hours or so, you can only use a small amount of power to heat your bed. This can save you a lot of money in the winter because you will have 8 hours of not needing your heater. Remember wool is one of the warmest materials you can wear.

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