How to save money on your electric bill.

How to Save $20 to $30 on Your Electric Bill 

In order to save $20 to $30 more dollars on your electric bill, you will need to have a high speed spin washing machine so that you can comfortably line or rack dry clothing. Often normal line dry clothing comes out stiff (which you can still do), but if you want clothes that are soft, you will need to use a high spin speed washer. The electricity savings comes into play by the lack of use of your dryer. Dryers are large power consumers and wreck havoc on your electric bill. If you can avoid using your electric dryer, you will save nearly $20 to $30 every single month on your electric bill! Remember that when you save money on your electric bill it is money saved that would otherwise be gone with nothing to show for it. Most things that we buy we at least have a physical item after we buy it. With electricity, the money is plain flat gone. This is why when you live a frugal life style you'll want to save money on your electric bill at every opportunity.

Here is a video that shows electricity savings, money savings, and environmental savings from DADDY MORE BUCKS TV.

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