How to save money on toner.

How to save Money on Toner 

With the never ending battle of depleted printer toner we understand the need to save money on it. Toner is expensive, and almost every seller of new toner cartridges is pretty competitive in price. This does not deviate from the fact that although one seller may be less expensive than other, that the new toner cartridge is expensive anyway! Toner costs many businesses and personal printer owners hundreds of dollars a year. Those of us with a more frugal outlook towards these "unceasing depletions" certainly want to save money on toner when possible.

Brand Name or Aftermarket Toner

Those people who are weary of refilling their toner cartridges (covered later in this article), will need to choose between purchasing brand name or aftermarket toner cartridges for their printer. There is a vast amount of aftermarket toner available on online auction sites, amazon, and numerous other places. It has been our experience that these aftermarket toners work just as well as the expensive name brands. It is important to seek out competitive pricing between aftermarket toner cartridges. Many of these aftermarket toners will be easier to refill as well.

Refilling Toner

The least expensive way to replace the toner in your printer is to refill the cartridges that you already have. You must use model specific toner refill toner powder as every type of powder has different melting temperatures. When you find the correct type for your printer, be sure that it includes instructions on how to refill the cartridge that you are using. Reference sites such as Youtube as there are many common toner refill videos instructions available. These video instructions can save you an immense amount of headaches as they are much more detailed than common paper instructions.

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