How to save money on homeowners insurance.

Save Money on Homeowners Insurance 

When a person wants to save money on homeowners insurance, it is very important that they take some important things into consideration. First consider what you would want covered in the event of an accident. For me personally, mainly my concern would be more for my home itself, rather than much of the stuff in it. So obviously I don't have much coverage on the things inside as I do on the home itself. There is about $10,000 in coverage on my possessions, which is really enough to get me going again if the whole thing burned down.

After you take careful consideration of what you would want covered on your homeowners insurance, you'll want to start some money saving steps so that you are sure to get the best price.

1. Shop around. Call at least 10 different places and seek out many online homeowners insurance carriers. See what kinds of deals they can give to you along with what kind of discounts they have if you group other types of insurance with it.

2. Get rid of any item or animal that can cause your premiums to go up. Typical animal breeds that are considered vicious are a sure thing to make your premiums increase. Also dangerous items such as trampolines and swimming pools with diving boards are sure sign of an increase.

3. Have an monitored fire and burglar alarm on your home. Most home insurers give a discount for these items and even a bigger one if you live close to a fire department.

4. Don't call in claims to the home owners insurance for small issues. I recall a few years back a water heater exploded in my home. Carpets were drenched. Well I paid the cost out of pocket to replace the carpets and fix one wall because I didn't want to pay higher premiums for years to come. Sometimes premiums can go up as much as $300 a year for a small claim. If there was a small claim such as a water heater leak, you would end up paying so much more money in premiums over time. Remember that it is sometimes better to pay out of cost now than triple the amount later.

5. Have monitored smoke detectors installed. These steps can help you save money when it comes time to pay those expensive premiums on your homeowners insurance.

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