Save money on RV tires.

Save Money on RV Tires

RV tires are notoriously expensive as they often need to handle very heavy weights and consist of many steel belts for the workload. Unfortunately this also inflates the cost of the tires often to the tune of over a thousand dollars each. Oddly enough this heavy price tag is often coupled with an RV owner severely neglecting the fundamentals of tire care which can expand the life of the tires, along with expanding the size of the contents of their wallet. To prolong the life of the tire will help any RV owner to save a lot of money.

Be sure to always use tire covers if the RV is stored outside. Tire covers will protect the RV from UV light from the sun, and also weather elements. This will prevent the number one thing that causes RV tire failure – dry rot. As rain and UV light pound the outer walls of RV tires, eventually they take their toll and cause micro cracks to form in the sidewall. This weakens a tire and shortens the drivable life of it. To prevent a lot of dry rot, tire covers are a must.

Keep those tires moving! RV’s are often left to sit in place for extended lengths of time. This puts a brunt of weight on certain sections of the tire, rather than distributing the weight more evenly over time. To keep the tires from separating, it is important to ensure that the tires are moved from time to time, and parked in different positions.

RV tire pressure is incredibly important! Even when parked, maintaining a proper tire pressure in your RV’s tires is crucial to prolonging their life. If allowed to sit without proper pressure, it will cause more stretching in the sidewall, weight loads on the sidewall, and potential of sidewall failure. Be sure to always check the pressures in RV tires at least once every two weeks, even in storage.

Apply tire conditioners! There are numerous types of tire conditioners sold at automotive stores. Often these will help with the tires losing moisture and preventing dry rot. Apply tire conditioners to both the inner and outer walls of the RV tires semi-annually in order to combat them aging.

Rotate your RV tires! Much like automotive tires, RV tires need rotation to prolong their life. By rotating, you are placing weight and wear on different parts of each of the tires. This allows the tire to wear down and be worn in a more “true fashion”, rather than being only worn on one area. This prevents tread wear out and separation of the tire belts. It also promotes a more balanced tire and a smoother ride. This will allow your RV tires to last longer and save you money!

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