How to save money by increasing your MPG.

Save Money By Increasing Your Vehicles Miles Per Gallon (MPG) 

There are some simple things that you can do to increase the miles per gallon that will help you save money when driving your vehicle. With the high gas prices of today we want to "stretch" out how far each gallon of gasoline will take us.

1. Keep your car in good maintenance. Mostly be sure to change your oil, oil filter, air filter, and make sure that your spark plugs are in good shape. Though some of the maintenance parts do cost money, the money savings that you'll get from good gas mileage along with preserving the life of your vehicle will really pay off.

2. Many over inflate their tires by 5 psi. I've done this for over 150,000 miles and have had no adverse effect. This will cause less surface area of your tire to be on the road and also less resistance from road friction, thus causing an increase in MPG. This single step in my experience has also lead to much longer tire life & increases in 5+ mpg. I’m testifying my personal experience and have read countless other testimonies online, but please do this at your own risk.

3. Keep your RPM's down by accelerating slowly especially from stops. It will not only save you fuel, but will be easier on your engine and transmission. Some vehicles are equipped with DFCO which cuts off the fuel when a person takes their foot off the gas pedal. Use this especially when slowing down to stop. If you look ahead and time the light ahead, you can often avoid stopping all together and just simply slow down. This will engage the DFCO whenever you are rolling.

4. 55-60 MPH is the best speed for your miles per gallon. Travel this on the highway, even if the speed limit is faster.

5. Get dead weight out of your car. If you carry around excess books, tools, or other heavy objects, do not keep them in your vehicle.

6. Look ahead for red lights and try to time it so that you never have to stop at one. Rather than speeding & stopping from red light to red light, coast while you are far back enough so that the light will be changed by the time you get there. Remember that an incredible amount of gas is used when you first start to accelerate from a stop. Your brakes & transmission will also thank you.

7. Research "hypermiling" on the internet. There are many techniques that people do in different types of vehicles to increase their miles per gallon. With the expensive price of gasoline today, we all must learn to get better miles per gallon with the vehicles we have so that we can save money.

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