Save money at RV dealerships

Save Money at RV Dealerships 

Many people use common techniques to negotiate with RV dealers in order to save money.  When most people visit an RV dealership, they often fool themselves thinking that they are good at negotiating, and can get a good deal just by using common auto haggling techniques.  The reality is that negotiating for an RV is much more complex, and most people have no idea the best way to save money on them.

Always pick the best coach that works for your situation.  Be sure to browse out exactly what you want over the internet.  Go to an RV dealership that has what you’d like (or similar model) to make sure it is the style that you like.   Be sure to never open negotiations as the sales people are experts at baiting people into discussing money, features, and many other pieces of information about the RV.  Eventually, it all begins to swirl together, and price points get put into features, rather than viewing the RV for what it is – a complete unit.  Salespeople are experts at pitching things.  It is suggested to always take a quiet approach at an RV dealer and to be “just in the area looking and not serious”.    Explain it to the salesperson that you don’t want to waste their time, and really just wanted to look.   If you have questions, just be humble (never excited) and just act disinterested.

Try to always get the salespeople away from you at all times.   The more you feed them, the more they will exploit into the sales pitch about you.  Try to appear very middle class in your clothing and shoes.   If you find that you like the coach at the RV dealership, remember the salesperson’s name (don’t ask for a card) and leave the dealership.  This empowers a person to then be on their time, and opens the world of competitive negotiation with the RV dealer.

Email several dealers within 300 miles that carry (or can order) the specific type of coach that you wanted to purchase.  Be sure to ask for the best price from each dealership, and ask that they email you a quoted price for the RV (something official that you can print).   Gather all the responses, and then email them to all the RV dealers asking for them to beat their competitor’s price.   This will allow the dealers to know that you are concerned about the price, and that’s the bottom line.  They will be in a position to negotiate on the price against their competitors directly.  Some dealers will not budge, but offer many service packages that can also be considered into the overall sale.   Use your best judgment on all offers that come your way.

When you are finally going to purchase the coach, be sure to take advantage of everything the dealership has to offer.   Ask if they can throw in service packages, camping accessories (like gift cards to camp stores), and even waste tank treatment.   Ask about free sewer hoses, waste tank chemicals, 30 to 50 amp plug converters, and a free RV cover.   Be very vigilant on the final sale of the RV, because you can wrack up thousands of dollars of free accessories, even after the negotiation between dealers takes place.   At the very end of the sale, you will have the satisfaction that you negotiated the best of deals on the RV, and saved a lot of money.

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