How to save money by using LED lights.

Save Money With LED lighting 

LEDs also known as light emitting diodes are and incredibly efficient light source that even surpass the efficiency of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). Not only do LED's typically outlast their incandescent light cousins, or their CFL siblings in hours, they use a tiny fraction of electrical power to give out the same amount of lumens or measure of light. LED lights will help you save money on your electric bill!

You will need to be sure that you purchase the correct size LED bulbs for your specific application and room. Some LED's come with a specific concentrated light point while others are more dispersed which is more of a friendly light source for a typical room in a home.

You will want to be sure to use bulbs that look designed to be for home use rather than applications like a flash light where a "beam" is more important. Once you have your bulbs installed, you can simply do the math on how much money you will save on your power bill.

Find out the price you pay per Kilo Watt Hour on your electric bill, and multiply the bulb watts, by hours used, by the price on your bill, by .001 (thousands from Kilo Watt). To find the money you have saved by switching your lighting, multiply your old bulb wattage by the same figures and subtract the old price (from your old bulb) to the new price.

You'll often find that in one single fixture that you can save nearly $3 a month. This will add up to a great amount of savings once this is applied all over your home!

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