How to save money by using solar screens.

How to Save Electricity with Solar Screens 

Solar screens save both electricity and money. They are a major attribute to the frugal aficionados who would like to cut costs on their electric bill. Also they add wonderful aesthetics to a home, leaving the windows will cool clean lines and shady. Despite the grandeur looks and clean lines solar screens will give your home, they come with a special attribute which rewards you will electric bill savings.

How Solar Screens Work

Solar screens work by providing shade over your existing windows. This shading has an incredible amount of importance to prevent the greenhouse effect on your home. Since a window generates 230 BTUs (British thermal units) per square foot, it is fair to say that a 3x5 window can produce 3450 BTUs. This is the equivalent of running 2 small space heaters at once! The solar screens will block up to 90% of the sunlight, thus reducing the amount of BTUs which will enter your home through windows. It is important to calculate the amount of square footage of windows that you have in your home, and when the sunlight is hitting them, in order to know the amount of BTUs that are entering your home.

How Solar Screens will Save Money

In the summer as the sun pelts a home's windows causing the greenhouse effect, the heat generated is immense. This heat will have to be countered by a home's air conditioning system. The central air conditioner or window units will have to work very hard to compensate for the heat generated by the greenhouse effect from a window. A window that has a 90% solar screen cover will reflect 90% of the greenhouse effect. This will in turn reduce the greenhouse BTU heat generated by the sunlight. Since the windows are not dumping a tremendous amount of heat into the home, the air conditioner will be allowed to cycle less in order to keep a home comfortable. This of course means that the air conditioner will be running less, thus consuming much less energy.

The solar screens will also not interfere much with the visibility of the window. Many homeowners who have solar screens on their windows report that the visibility is not impeded much at all, if any. Some people do claim that the solar screens on their home impede slightly on natural lighting, but the benefits far outweigh this setback.

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