How to live very frugally.

How to Live Very Frugally 

When we think of living frugally, many people feel that there is some type of sacrifice that has to take place in their lives. This is indeed part true, but not to the extent that many people think.

Frugality is defined simply as the art of saving money on things that you commonly use, and getting rid of costly things that you don't use. It's a method of combining both simplicity of life, while also saving money in on things we use every day. People like to save money on things like clothing, food, detergent, gasoline, toiletries, and even on large purchases such as a home or a car. Here is a link to our "frugal" section on this web site. It will give you a vast amount of frugal articles and ideas where you can start saving money in your life.

When a person decides to make some changes in their lives to save money often there are mental complications that arise. Many people feel cheap, or fear others will think they are cheapskates. Others simply have trouble getting used to doing a few more things manually, or actually having to "think" when trying to save money.

For instance, many people merely think they are saving money when they go to a wholesale store and purchase laundry detergent. This usually costs around $12-15 for a large size. They feel good as they walk out the door because they have bought in bulk. Usually this detergent is a house brand and the person feels good about saving money there too. While this is nice, a true frugal person will research how to save even more money, and find recipes to make their own detergent for around 20 cents for the same amount of detergent!

In order to live very frugally and save money, you always have to think of where every cent goes. Consider gas mileage on your vehicle for instance. How much do you spend on gas? Is it worth driving a gas guzzler? If you could increase your miles per gallon by 5 to 10, why wouldn't you? There are many methods to get more gas mileage and you can save a virtual fortune if you apply these methods. "Hypermiling" is another great way to get higher gas mileage.

So as you can see from food savings, to using discount coupon sites when shopping, there are hundreds of ways that you can live frugally, and save yourself a lot of money through your lifetime. A frugal person always remembers that a penny saved is truly a penny earned. That penny earned will be a penny that will be only spent frugally. A frugal person will always look for the maximum possible savings when buying something. This doesn't always mean cheap stuff, but just the best deals. Having a quality frugal lifestyle will reward you time and time again and help you save money!

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