Saving money on toilet paper is a great!

How to Save Money on Toilet Paper 

As embarrassing the topic may be, we must all admit that the price of toilet paper is expensive. Those of us who are frugal minded are always seeking out ways to trim the budget in our homes. Toilet paper for a family of 5 can cost over $250 a year, which is a lot of money. As gross as it may sound, if you consider the very nature of toilet paper, its use, and discard, it seems to be a complete money waster, yet so necessary. If one considers how long it takes for them to earn $250, it is not hard to understand the importance of saving money on toilet paper. For most of us, this amount would equate to approximately two days' worth of full time work. Consider this work flushed down the toilet every single year. Without a doubt, this is "literally" flushing money directly down the toilet bowl.

Buy Industrial Sized Rolls

If you would like to start saving money on toilet paper, you can buy industrial sized rolls of it. The actual industrial roll holders can be found on EBay. The suggested size is the 9 inch jumbo rolls, which can be found at minimal cost. The single ply is fine, and compares moderately with budget toilet paper bought at your local store. Another advantage to these large rolls is that they last a very long time and do not need to be changed often. The roll holder also protects it from general water damage which is common with young children (often from spills on the bathroom counter). Be sure to find the best online value when ordering this type of toilet paper. Stick & brick style janitorial stores often have higher prices because of their overhead costs.

Bidet the Toilet Paper Eliminator

Bidets are very common all through the world, except for the United States. For whatever reason, bidets are the subject of laughter in the states rather than embraced as a more sanitary means of cleaning oneself. Consider if you were running through your lawn and stepped in a pile left from an animal – would you rather somebody hand you a wad of tissue to clean your foot off, or a water hose? This is the same concept of a bidet. Modern bidets can be purchased anywhere from $30 to $50, and they attached on the inside of your toilet bowl. With a hand control knob, you can adjust how strong the water stream is that is cleaning you. Afterwards you are completely clean and have no need for toilet paper or very little need for dry off.

The money that you save on toilet paper will not make you wealthy. However, it is one small piece to the puzzle of frugality. Every cent that you save on toilet paper is one less cent that you are flushing down. By using these methods combined with other frugal strategies, you will be able to achieve excellent money savings.

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