How to save money on phones.

How to Save Money on Phones 

There's no doubt that the recession is here and so many people want to learn how to save money on phones. It actually may be easier than you think so long as you are willing to sacrifice just a little bit of your time and convenience. Since phone service is expensive, as well as cell phone usage, it is always important to know exactly what you need, and when and where you need it.

1. Consider turning off your land line phone. This is becoming very popular today as cell phone service is very reliable and cheap. People simply like the portability of cellular phones and would often rather use a cell phone more than a land line phone. If you can see turning off your home phone as just a small sacrifice to your convenience, I would highly suggest doing so. It won't be very hard to get use to.

2. Change your cell phone service to prepaid wireless phone service. You can do this simply buy purchasing a prepaid phone and buying minutes for it. It is important to note that this requires some discipline since you will need to get to the point quickly in your conversations so that you will not waste minutes.

3. Consider getting a government cell phone for free. If you are on any type of government welfare program you can get a free cellular phone from Uncle Sam. That's right all you have to do is give Safe Link Wireless a call.

4. Negotiate with your cell phone company when your contract is out. Tell them that you are planning on ditching their service unless you get a very good deal on the minutes. Explain to them how they are higher priced than their competitors. Many cell phone companies will have some type of special program for you.

When you are learning how to save money on phones, you will always have to keep the final numbers in line. Don't buy into contracts or long term agreements that will ruin your flexibility to go between companies. The only reason you should get into a contract is if you have done your homework and know they are offering you an outstanding deal.

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