How to save money on auto insurance.

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance 

So many people are finding themselves in tough economic situations today. It's no secret that we are all cutting back and many of us are looking for ways to learn how to save money on auto insurance. There are so many great ways that you can frugally choose the right automotive insurance for you.

1. Look online for the best insurance deals. With all the insurance companies that have good sophisticated web sites you can get numerous quotes from several different insurance companies usually within a few minutes of each other. Of course, it's your job to find the best rate and the best policy and the company you feel the most comfortable with. Sometimes people choose to pay a bit more to go with a larger reputable company when it comes to their insurance.

2. Lower your coverage. When you lower your insurance coverage options, it will reflect in the premium amount. Just be sure to lower them to the least amount of money that you feel comfortable with. Many people find that they are comfortable with the amounts that are the minimal of legal requirements in their state. Putting all your coverage to these minimal levels will lower your insurance premiums and help you save money.

3. If you want a stealthy tip about how you can save money on auto insurance take defensive driving. Usually this will cut about 5% off your premiums for 3 years. Defensive driving is usually a fast online course that costs between $20 and $30 and can often reflect hundreds of dollars of savings towards your insurance premiums.

4. Keep a clean driving record. Be sure that you drive safe at all times and follow the rules of the road. Not only is this better for your car's mechanical condition, but having a spotless driving record looks good to insurance companies and they will lower your premiums. Insurance companies really like to have safe drivers who have great driving records because it is less risk for them. They pass the favour of comfort back to you in the form of savings.

5. Get a higher grade driver's license. Even if you only need a class C driver's license, sometimes going after a professional driver's license will help lower your premiums. If you would really like to know how to save money on auto insurance, get the best education about driving that you can. Sometimes it helps to mentally change places with your insurance company. Would you feel better insuring a person with a clean driving record and a commercial license who went to school for it and must make their living from the license or would you rather insure a common commuter with a clean driving record?

6. Pay insurance policies off and never in small payments. Always fully pay off your premiums because if you make payments you will always pay more for convenience fees. These types of fees really add up and if you really want to know how to save money on auto insurance, avoid paying any fees if possible.

7. Call around to local insurance agents and tell them that you are “bargain shopping” for auto insurance. Let them know that you have checked online and hope that they can find something to beat the online premium rates. Usually the agents will scour for the best deals and come back with something good.

8. Only keep liability insurance if possible. Since you have come here seeking how to save money on auto insurance, I've got to share everything right? Some vehicles are too expensive to risk only putting on liability and some are not paid for and must have comprehensive. It's up to you to decide. I usually keep liability on vehicles that are worth less than ten thousand dollars.

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