How to save money at the movies.

How to Save Money at the Movies 

In today's economy, many people are looking for great ways that they can learn how to save money at the movies. There are all types of interesting things that people can do to get movie theatre discounts, snack discounts, and also some great stealthy techniques to get discounts and frugal savings at the movies. Some of these methods may seem unethical to some people, but times are tight, and we need to save all we can right?

1. Shop for your movie theatre tickets online. There are numerous savings coupons and specials that you can use when you buy movie tickets online. There will also often be discounts for snacks, candy, popcorn, and drinks that you will be able to print from your printer.

2. Always try to go to a matinee feature. Movie theatres mark down ticket prices for the daytime shows when they are usually less crowded.

3. Use coupon books to try to find discounts for a movie theatre chain. Often times scouting groups sell entertainment booklets full of coupons and there are many for movie theatre chains. These are usually buy one get on free which is excellent savings. You'll just have to purchase your tickets when you arrive at the theatre because you'll need to present the coupon.

The following steps are considered the "secrets" that you should know when learning how to save money at the movies.

4. Sneak your snacks in. That's right, if there is a female who is going to attend make sure that they have a really large bag or purse. You can stuff the bag full of all kinds of snacks. I've known people bring entire meals into a movie theatre this way. It is a really great way to save on the expensive prices of movie theatre food. I've never known anybody to be searched when going to a movie theatre. Even smaller purses are usually good enough to sneak and bottles of beverages in.

5. For movie theatres with free refills, keep the same cup as you had the last time you went and wash it out when you get home. Then you can sneak into the theatre and once you are seated go get a refill. Just be sure to splat a bit of water on the inside of the cup before leaving your home so it looks like there was something in there.

Always seek out great frugal ways that will help you in your quest learning how to save money at the movies. This will help you get the best deals out there on movies. It is always fun to know that you just had a movie experience and got to pay a lot less than everybody you are sitting next to.

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