How to get Free Internet

How to get an Internet Connection for Free 

With the modern day reliance on internet service, coupled with many people looking to save money on bills and services, free internet service is becoming very appealing. The process in obtaining free internet services for free can range from simple to outright challenging.   The process almost always involves a person to acquire a WIFI signal that is strong enough to transfer a reasonable amount of data packets at a good speed.   The challenges that you will most likely face in this process is being able to grab these WIFI signals with high levels of signal strength (RX) while being able to transfer (TX) them back to the WIFI source with a reasonable amount of speed.

Easy Method to Obtain Free Internet

The simplest way to get free internet is rather obvious. You can simply ask somebody who lives the building with you or a next door neighbor if they would allow you to leech on their internet connection.  If you are granted permission, then in most cases, you will need their WEP or WPA password so that you are able to connect to their wireless router.  Oftentimes just between typical suburban homes (neighbors), dorm walls, or apartment walls, the WIFI signal will be strong enough with no special equipment needed.   Simply connect with your wireless laptop, tablet, or desktop computer and enjoy absolutely free internet service!

If your neighbor happens to live 2 homes away or at a slight distance, causing a weaker signal, it is possible to buy a router that comes with higher gain antennas.  With wonderful firmware such as DD-WRT, the router can become a wireless repeater to your neighbor's router.   This will allow you to place the repeater in a room that is closest to your neighbor's home or at least in a room that has better signal strength.  Your wireless device will then bounce through your repeater and then to your neighbor's wireless router.  When the router communicates back, it will communicate through your repeater and back to your computer.   In this case, I would suggest you visit the DD-WRT web site and purchase a router that is compatible with their firmware.

Free Internet at a Distance

If you do not have a willing neighbor or anybody who would care to allow you to leech off their internet connection, there very well may be a wireless hotspot in your general area, within a quarter to half mile of your home.  Most of these hotspots are advertised to offer completely free internet service, and many do not make you be a patron of their business in order to use it.  You will absolutely need to use a high powered router capable of being flashed with DD-WRT firmware.  Also, you will need to inquire online of what type of antenna connector you have on your router.  Once you have this information, you will begin your quest on finding a high gain parabolic antenna.

With good price consideration, I would suggest a 24dbi parabolic grid antenna designed for 2.4 GHz use.  These antennas are directional, which means you will need to point them at the general area you expect to get free internet from.  Unlike a conventional omni-directional antenna which spreads your signal into a circle, a parabolic grid antenna will concentrate the signal into a beam.  It will also listen for incoming signals with much more gain when it is pointed in the appropriate direction.   Next you will need to purchase a pigtail connection.  A pigtail will link your wireless router to the parabolic grid.  You will need to do research on what type of connector the back of your router has, and also the type of connector on the parabolic grid antenna, and buy the appropriate pigtail to connect the router to the antenna.

Once your antenna is mounted, pointed in the direction of a WIFI hotspot, and connected to your DD-WRT loaded router, you can use the scan function on your DD-WRT router to show you all of the WIFI signals it is receiving.   If you find the hotspot you are looking for, simply click the “join” button on the router.   Wait a few moments for the handshake to complete and you will then notice your router gets an IP address from the wireless hotspot.

For extremely long ranges, you can purchase amplifiers for your router's signal.  These vary in legality (FCC) in different areas, so be sure that you check the laws.   They can range anywhere from 500mw to 1 full watt of power.  These amplifiers can help boost weaker signals, but bear in mind they can also increase the noise level of your connection.   The noise can actually cause you to lose communication speed.   They can heavily assist when a person is trying to get extremely far signals where a router otherwise would not be able to communicate.

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