How to get a free iPod.

How to get a Free iPod 


The iPod is an ever growing phenomenon of technology which in recent years has abundantly besieged the pockets of tech savvy and button pushers alike.   With the ever swarming frenzy of people scrambling in demand to wrap their fists around this technological wonderment keeping the prices high and availability low, there are the outcasts who prey upon the methods of frugality ever scheming to figure out the methods of how to get a free iPod.   Though we may look high and low, the conclusions of the most frugal have most often been made that the iPod is a device for only those lucky few who have the financial resources to afford one.   But alas, I tell even the most skeptical of all my frugal aficionados that the people who strive to achieve the dwindling hope of acquisition of the iPod for free that it is possible, and can even be simple.

So just how do you get a free iPod?

There are several intriguing methods that one must use in order to make this dream possible.  Sometimes they are straight forward and other times they sink to levels that are lower than whale fecal matter at the bottom of the Pacific.  Inevitably, the results of your hunt will be fulfilled, no matter what course of action you decide upon to get a free iPod.  With assurance you must strive and if one path you take leads to a dead end, back up and try again.

The Craigslist Cesspool of free iPods

Craigslist in all of its wonder is completely full of shams and scams trying to lure people to the promise of freebies on numerous categories.  The site in and of itself is an incredibly valuable resource, but it must be used without you pursuing ads, but rather people pursuing you.   Basically, you will need to leave ads asking people if you can have for free, barter, or you may be able to provide a specific service or task for them.  Often, people in your locality will have an obsolete or unused iPod that they will be happy to let you have.   These iPods will often still be functioning, but will often have either cosmetic damage or missing/broken parts.   The great news is that anybody who can acquire more than one free iPod will have the ability to salvage the working components and build fully functioning devices.   Though not exactly free, you may have obsoleted and “worthless” items lying around just begging to be bartered for an iPod which several lurkers on Craigslist would be happy to swap you for.

What are Friends for? Free iPods!

Many times you'll have a family or friend who has undertaken the distinct privileged of upgrading from their former iPod.   As they show you their new toy, sit in amazement and in admiration of it.  Inform them that you think it is wonderful that they are capable of affording such an investment and that you are unable to do so.  Afterwards inquire about their former iPod, and ask them if they ever plan on selling it.  Many times after you lamented them with the sad story of your financial woes, their guilt will embellish them, and after a brief consideration of whom you are, they'll offer their old iPod to you for free.

Sometimes, family and friends are uncharitable and will not be easily exploitable to your guilt trips.  In these cases it’s often cleaver to start asking them about their old iPod and what you could do to earn it from them.   During this process, the individual will have a serious of questions going through their mind leading towards instigation on how awful of a friend or family member they are to not be charitable.  Only the strongest of people will hold their ground to a friend or family member asking to earn an iPod from them and most people will simply hand you the iPod for free.  Though many consider this an unethical badgering method, it is often highly effective.   This method can even work on individuals that you do not know very well, but have shared some experience of communication and comradery.  

In your quest on how to get an iPod for free, keep these strategies close to you.  Often, there are instances where you'll just be presented with a lucky situation, where a moment of opportunity must be seized.  So long as you can keep your mission the back burner, and not make it a priority in life, you will be able to hold the patience needed for the opportunity of a free iPod to present itself.

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