How to save money by making cheap homemade bread.

How to Make Cheap Homemade Bread 

Homemade bread is incredibly cheap, easy to make, and delicious. For my family of 7, we use about .50 cents worth of bread ingredients a week. Out of the .50 cents, we get 5 loaves of bread, 2 pizza crusts, and a round of garlic bread. Sometimes we splurge and make homemade bread bowls for our beef stew and it goes up to .60 cents worth of ingredients. If you compare this to the regular cost of bread at the store you will see how much we have saved money. The money savings don't even stop there! Consider the fact that we make fresh garlic bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, hamburger and hot dog buns, and tortillas. Once you have the knowledge and experience working with bread, you too can save money in massive amounts!

Watch the following Daddy More Bucks TV video to learn how to make incredibly cheap homemade bread. This is an excellent homemade bread recipe that I hope you'll enjoy.  
I hope to encourage you to make homemade bread as it is delicious. I also hope this saves you and your family a lot of money! By rough estimate, it saves my family about $30 a month and is much more healthy!

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