How to get free or cheap internet access at home.

How to Get Free Internet Access at Home

Getting free internet access is easier than many people have come to believe and can really save people money! Most people use the internet for simple applications such as browsing or checking email, so they do not require a tremendous amount of speed that somebody using heavier bandwidth would need. Internet connections like DSL are actually very fast, and can cost you far beyond what you really need. For individuals who just use the internet lightly for browsing, Facebook, and emails, who will not be engaging in large file transfers such as sending software through the internet or hosting, 1 simple DSL connection would be enough to supply internet access easily for over 30 households!

This article is dedicated to helping you achieve to goal of getting free internet access or at least being able to incredibly minimize the expenditures of it. I hope that this will help you save money on your monthly bill expenses.

1. The simplest way to get free internet is from a WIFI hotspot or a free library. Hotspots exist in many places in the United States. Many restaurants and fast food establishments leave their WIFI connection wide open so that people can access the internet through their laptop. These are nice, but they do not help you out at home, however, if you live in the vicinity of a hotspot (within a mile) and have the will to try, you can pick up that hotspot for your home internet access. Be sure on the login screen to abide by their terms of service. Some establishments ask that you be a current patron of their business, while others simply leave it open for anybody to use. It is perfectly legal to use public hotspots that are open to anybody.

2. You will need a router with antennas that can unscrew. This is so that you can purchase a larger antenna for your router and hook it up through a cable. You will have to search your router model number and find out what type of connector is on the back of your router. Google the type of connector once found along with the words "WIFI antenna". This will more than likely give you a nice selection of web sites that sell antennas & pigtail cables (cables that connect between your WIFI router & antenna).

3. You must purchase the "pigtail" cable. The shorter the better, but you can make it easier and don't get it "too short". Next you want to purchase a highly directional antenna. I would suggest nothing less than a 24dbi parabolic grid for the job. Some antennas like "YAGI" antennas are compact, but in my opinion, don't settle for these. Most 24dbi parabolic grid antennas will do the job nicely.

4. Connect the pigtail cable to the antenna & router. Connect your computer to the router.

5. Now comes the fun part, point the parabolic grid antenna in the direction to the hot spot. Make sure your router is set to DHCP. Type in the "network name" or "BSSID" or "SSID" of the network you want to join. Put your router in client mode.

6. Hopefully you will get a signal, and the hot spot will assign your router an IP. If this is the case, you are pretty much set to begin using the internet.

7. If you wish to use WIFI to get to your WIFI router on a hot spot, you will have to buy another router and attach it via CAT5 cable to the router being used to access the hot spot. This is because the router on the hotspot is on client mode, and not being used like a WIFI router.

8. To share with a friend or neighbor may be easier. If they are real close, you just simply talk to them, and perhaps they won't mind sharing for free. You could also just simply just ask them if you could split the bill with them and share. All that needs to be done then is to exchange the WEP or WPA password information, and you can put that into your security password on your network card. This is the simplest form to save money on an internet connection. You can also use the antenna method as described above if there is a weak signal. Make sure that this setup abides by the terms of the source internet service provider. Some providers do allow this, while others do not.

9. Many people do not care if you use their signal so long as it does not affect them on the internet. Always get permission, because it violates some laws (highly underwritten) to access WIFI without permission. Any establishment that advertises "free WIFI" is fine for you to use. Free WIFI is free WIFI and that means you will save money!

The best signal you can get is by installing your antenna outdoors. 2.4GHz is a very choppy frequency (routers use this frequency) and walls, brick, and all types of stuff can interfere with the signal.

This article is an overlay & advice. Many details and variables are involved. Some knowledge of basic TC/PIP networking can really help you. To access any non-public WIFI get permission as you may be violating state law without permission.

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