How to save money by eating cheap.

How to Save Money by Eating Cheap 

In our hard economic times, many of us are interested in pinching pennies and saving money on our food. I have come up with some fantastic ideas on how you can be eating good food, for little money. Eating cheaply is a lot more of simple task than many people can imagine, and you can eat quality as well. Most of the food is incredibly nutritious and tasty. You will feel like you just ate an expensive meal, when truly you ate a quality meal for cheap.

1. Purchase cheap dried goods from the store. Things like rice, beans, lentils, split pea soup, and dried bean soup is ideal. Get recipes that use these foods, and be sure that you already have some spices on hand (bought in bulk). Some of these foods that will have you eating cheap have the spices included. Consider meals like bean pots, rice and beans, and 16 bean soups.

2. Get good recipes for the foods that will help you eat cheap. If you have good quality and tasty recipes, it will make the whole process of eating cheaply fun and satisfying.

3. Cook the food and enjoy your meal. The best way that I have found to cook dried foods is in a crock pot. The money you save by using dried staple foods will really pay off. After eating cheap for several years now, I estimate I've saved over $17,000 on the price of food with our 5 children. This really works and will help you save money!

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