How to get huge discounts while shopping at Target.

How To Get Huge Discounts At Target

We all like shopping at Target, but it is even better to get a percentage off every single item that you buy at their stores. I have discovered a great way to save money and receive the best discounts and deals while shopping at Target stores.

1. Go to a cash back or online coupon discounts savings site. These sites are basically banner commission type sites that get a percentage of every sale. But rather than collecting all the money on the commission, they split it with you. Become a member of one of these sites and find the discounts that you can get with target. Often you can find a 6.3% discount on everything at Target stores. Along with this, these sites usually have coupons and discounts. I prefer Bigcrumbs. It's Great!

2. After joining, click the Target store link and you will be sent to the normal target web site. Often, you can click link coupons within these sites to get the 6.3% discount deal, plus get free shipping and other discount coupons!

3. When purchasing your item, use a cash back credit card. This will enable you to get an additional 2-3% discount off your purchase. Be sure to pay this card off at the end of the month so you will not get hit with interest.

* Following these methods will get you the best money savings, deals, discount codes, and discount coupons while shopping at Target.

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