How to save money at Harbor Freight tools.

How to Save Money at Harbor Freight Tools 

Harbor Freight tools is a huge tool store that exists in almost every major city in America. They are known for medium quality tools at very low prices compared with other chain stores which have much more expensive tools. There are some spectacular methods for people to get huge discounts and many ways to save money at Harbor Freight Tools.

Steps to Save Money at Harbor Freight Tools

Get a membership to Good Sam club for RV's. They will mail out a magazine (for free) that contains a sheet of coupons for Harbor Freight Tools. These coupons are the best coupons available for the tools they sell in their store. One of the coupons is usually a 20% discount for anything in their store, and the other coupon will be for a free electric meter, flashlight, or bungie cords. By using the 20% off coupon, you can save a lot of money at Harbor Freight tools because the coupon applies to just about anything in the store. Even if you buy a $2000 tool, you can get 20% off. Also on these coupon sheets are often extremely discounted items that can help you save money. I've seen generators for $79 and inverters for $19. These are the best savings for the store.

Special Days = Special Savings at Harbor Freight Tools

Wait for sales like the Black Friday sale. Harbor Freight generally runs outstanding sales during the Black Friday shopping frenzy. They'll even bring out some of the tools that were refurbished, which can equate to nearly 80% savings. . Also through the year they will have outdoor "sidewalk sales" where the prices of tools will be severely slashed. They are known to feature certain items from time to time which will often have a heavily discounted price. Often there will be several items on the front page of their coupon lists that are featured that will save you a lot of money. Just collect tools that you think you will need when sales come around to avoid paying premiums forever.

Tips and Tricks

Use the 20% off coupons when they run HUGE sales without coupons. This will give you 20% off an item that is already marked down (sometimes 50%). The savings will compound on top of themselves, and are especially good during marked down refurbished items. Often the employees will just overlook the rules on the coupon and go ahead and give you the discounts anyway. Often this is with approval of their manager as they are told to "sell certain refurbished tools no matter what". When you see refurbished deals at Harbor Freight, you know that you are in for some real savings!

Get Familiar with Harbor Freight Prices

One of the best ways to save money at Harbor Freight Tools is to get familiar with their prices. Typically if you read their weekly mailers, you'll start to learn which items they typically advertise and which items are "really" on sale. Sometimes the sale items are manipulated a little bit so that they can promote a sale. Keep a keen eye on certain tools, generators, tool boxes, etc. It's just a matter of time before each and every tool in their store goes on sale. When the time is right and you see the tool which you were waiting so patiently for, go after it with a 20% off coupon. Remember to watch out for the "junk" sales when they advertise just a bunch of small stuff. Look for the big ticket items that you really need. Often you can collect several 20% off coupons while waiting for the big ticket tool to go on sale. When the time is right using the 20% off coupon will really save you money at Harbor Freight.

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