Boon docking saves money.

Boon Docking for Cheap Camping 

Boon docking is a term generally used to describe camping in an RV without any electric, water, or sewer hookups.   Those camping within the RV, will need to be able to provide their own potable water, power, and have ample sewer storage.  This form of camping is often free or at least very inexpensive and can save a weary traveler a lot of money.

Almost all national forests will allow a person to find a various “site” or parking spot and boondock on it.  Since they are national forests, any citizen of the United States are allowed to use the parks to boondock.   Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Cracker Barrel Stores often allow those with RV’s to park overnight unless otherwise specified.  It is usually a good practice to keep a low profile while at their stores.   Of course, these parking lots come at the right price to get a good sleep – free!

At any of these places, it is possible to run a generator to supply power (or to charge your RV batteries), and it is also possible to power certain appliances (refrigerator) off 12V or propane.   This will allow you to keep things refrigerated while not needing to be on shore power.   

In parking lots, most people keep a low profile and enjoy the time they have in their camper.   Usually they will eat, watch TV, and just enjoy a night’s sleep while on the road.  It is a good idea to ensure that it basically looks like one is parking only.  It’s not a good idea to pull out slides, lawn chairs, and BBQ grills.   It is encouraged to keep generator use to a minimum in order to not disturb other shoppers in the parking lot or other campers at a national forest.

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