How to get huge discounts at Bath and Body Works.

Get Huge Discounts at Bath and Body Works 

What lady does not like Bath and Body Works stores?

Of course when shopping for all of our lotions, soaps, perfume, and bath items, we want to save money as much as we possibly can.

I have discovered a great method of saving a lot of money when shopping at bath and body works. What You will need:

1. Find a membership coupon savings site. These are web portals that use commissioned sales (similar to banner sales) but rather than pocketing the money, they kick back most of the commission to the end user. Often you can find discounts of up to 10% at bath and body works at these stores. I highly suggest BIGCRUMBS - It's seriously free and simple to sign up.

2. On the coupons savings sites, look for discount coupons that can be used in addition to the commissioned savings. Often this can be a coupon for free shipping, or a buy one get one free coupon for bath and body works.

3. Wait for good sales at the store. Throughout the year Bath and Body Works will run very good sales on their products. Take advantage of this and make purchases at these times through the coupon savings sites.

4. Pay with a cash back credit card and you'll get an additional 2% off. If you use one of these, you will need to pay it off at the end of the month for it to be of any value to you. This is because you'll end up owing interest if you do not, which does not save much money.


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