How to download free MP3 music.

How to Download Free MP3 Music 

You can save money by downloading free music on the internet in many forms and fashions. The first thing you want to do is make sure that the songs are copyright free so that you are legally able to download free music. There are many musicians who love for people to be able to access their music for free.

1. Free music can be found on bittorrent site. You can download a bittorrent client at Almost any type of and style of music is available for download on torrent sites. The free music on torrent sites is usually in MP3 format and are easy to download and play. Again it is important to emphasize that the music that is downloaded is copyright free. Often this means that the music will not be mainstream, but from individuals just wanting to put their music out there.

2. Log into an IRC chat room using a program such as MIRC to find free music and free MP3 files. Again you must first make sure that the music itself is copyright free and it is then perfectly legal for you to download the music.

3. Download free radio players on the internet and you can listen to all the free music that you want. Some of these radio players have a record function and some stations are open source and free to record! Think of how much you can save money by having a free radio player in the music genre you like playing 24/7! No need to buy any more CD's or download MP3 files again!

4. Use sites such as Youtube to watch and listen to free music and free music videos. Many record companies put their music on Youtube to promote the music videos. You can often save this free music and free movies on Youtube to your hard drive if they legally allow you to do it.

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