How to get free movies.

How to Get Free Movies 

With our ever changing near disastrous financial situation in this country, there are so many individuals looking to cut corners by learning how to get free movies. Since we all pay to see movies, rent movies, and buy movies, obviously they take funds that would have otherwise been diverted to bills or purchasing other goods. With the consideration that many rental subscriptions along with inexpensive movies in the discount bin at the store, they seem relatively inexpensive. If one considers the costs of movie expenditures they have monthly, they will easily see that the costs do add up over time.

Why pay when you can get Free Movies!

The ponderance runs wild in my brain why people pay for movies when they can simply get them for free! Obviously the first thing people think of is illegal piracy when it comes to the subject, but this is only naive thinking as there are many legal routes to acquiring free movies! Legally movies can't be downloaded or copied, but they can be borrowed and given away so long as they are the original title on original disks.

Instructions to get Free Movies

1. The simplest and most efficient way to get free movies is to visit your local public library. Many libraries have shelves upon shelves of free movies that you can check out. Encourage your librarian to put a sign up in the movie area that states "build a large video library by donating your already seen movies! We accept all video donations". This will encourage people in your city to expand the library's movie selection exponentially. Be sure to also donate your already seen videos to the library so you will benefit others as well. You can even encourage them to post a photo of you donating many videos to encourage people that other people are contributing. This will allow neighbors to work together to build an enormous video library. Even in smaller cities, most people are surprised to learn that with neighborly cooperation and donation, there is an enormous amount of titles available for everybody to share.

2. Setup up an online forum or messaging service and have all your friends, family, and neighbors post which movies they have. You can arrange swaps with people or borrow from each other. Rather than sharing with a public library, you can build a neighborhood wide video sharing network. You could even design a small lockbox system that could be put on porches in order to return videos to your neighbor. The free movies would be based on the honor system, but most of us relatively trust our neighbors anyway. This can start simply with just friends, families, and next door neighbors, and could work over your entire neighborhood. Consider bringing this up at any homeowner's group meetings. Communally sharing free movies can in miniscule ways bring comradery between neighbors and save the overall community money.

3. If you are in an apartment complex, (and they don't already have a video library) ask the manager if they would be willing to setup a video library somewhere in the office. Many apartment complexes already help their renters save money by having video libraries already setup. People in the complex can donate their videos into the library for others to check out as well forming a swap out movie system. Be sure to ask the apartment personnel to place up a sign that states "we accept donated movies". This will allow the rest of the people in your complex to know that there is a private library exclusively there for the apartment complex.

4. Services like Netflix are very cheap as well, and often allow you to download live streams of movies for free so long as you have a video membership. This means that if you have a laptop and a high definition TV, you can stream movies right to the TV without needing to check them out. It's instant and decent quality with no movies to return! Netflix is an excellent way to save money on movies!

As you learn more about how to get free movies, remember that in most cases there are others in your own community who has the types of titles that you would want to watch. Work together and use "meet up" type groups and libraries to come together. Often most people would be completely happy with swapping movie with other people, and certainly happy to donate previously viewed titles to a library (public or private) in order to be able to check out free movie they do not currently have.

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