How to save money on your electric bill using CFL light bulbs.

Save Money on Your Electric Bill Using CFL light bulbs 

Hi guys, you can save money on your electric bill $20 - $60 a month on your electric bill simply by changing your existing light bulbs to CFL bulbs. These are the corkscrew type of bulbs that use around 10% of the power for the same light output as a standard light bulb.

If you consider that one single light fixture in your home may contain multiple lights and be on upwards of 5 hours a day, you have to calculate all the watt hours that are used from those lights. If you have multiple fixtures with multiple lights that are on a lot through the day, you could be wasting a lot of money on electricity. We found that we had 10 fixtures with more than 3 lights in our home, and that we were wasting around $50 a month on regular bulbs. After we bought CFL bulbs throughout the house, we saw a $50 drop on our electric bill. Now that's what I call money savings!

Please watch this "DaddyMoreBucksTV" video on how you can save money by using CFL light bulbs.

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