Fooey The Bottom Line of Dirty Diapers
-The Bottom Line of Dirty Diapers-

Fooey The Bottom Line of Dirty Diapers is the perfect gift for new dads and mothers alike!

This ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS book was written by a father of 5 who has "experienced" every single type of diaper that a baby has given his or her parents. This author has labeled and detailed each type of diaper in an OUTRAGEIOUSLY funny and comical way that is sure to have your sides hurting!

Fooey is the perfect gift for new parents, especially new dads, who have a sense of "potty humor" and would love to have an experienced guide to the types of dirty diapers they may encounter!

Fooey is not just for new dads or parents either! It's the perfect gift for baby showers, mother's day, father's day, or any other event that involves or has at one time involved babies. It is perfect for anybody that has ever changed a dirty diaper!

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"While I was pregnant, I wanted to find a gift for my husband who was going to be a new dad. I looked everywhere and finally came across this book. Let me tell you, I heard him roaring with laughter...." -Monica Brewster - Columbus, OH

"It's so funny and hilarious, it had me laughing for days. I have 4 children and 12 grandchildren and have seen every single one of these diapers listed. I laughed until I was crying." -Catherine Crawford - Nashville, TN

"I bought this for my sister's baby shower. We passed around the book and within 1 minute the entire bunch of women were crowded around it laughing..." - Tracy Bellington - Miami, FL


Whether you are a new mom, new dad, experienced parents, or grandparents, Fooey The Bottom Line of Dirty Diapers will have you falling over with laughter. It's the perfect novelty gift for anybody who has been hands on with a baby!

Fooey also contains some fantastic diaper changing tips that are not only useful, but HILARIOUS!

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-The Bottom Line of Dirty Diapers-
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