How to stop video game addiction.

How to Stop Video Game Addiction 

We all know how much fun video games are for children. As a child, I personally was addicted to video games. They are fun, entertaining, "safe", and will keep kids busy for hours on end in the safety of their own homes. Video games, though in some forms beneficial to hand eye coordination, also most often do not help the kids get fresh exercise and the experiences that children need of the outdoors. Many adults who are addicted to video games can follow these steps as well. By following these steps closely, and adjusting them to your life, you most likely will not need counseling which will save you money.

1. Sit down with your child. Add up the amount of times a day that they play video games. Tell them that on a daily basis they are awake for 16 hours. If the child lives to be 90 years old, and plays 30 minutes of video games a day, they will have spent 3 entire years of their "awaken" hours of their life playing video games. Tell them to imagine the multitude of hours and time they will waste with a video game addiction.

2. Talk to your child about the accomplishments achieved in life through video games. Basically, all you get is points, free lives, and nothing is accomplished. There are no large muscle developments or any major physical coordination while having a video game addiction.

3. Talk to your child about the fact that there are no major academic achievements made through video games and being addicted to video games will not teach them anything. Instead of wasting so much time on "nothing" they could be enriching their minds. This very well could help them through the rest of their lives.

4. Purchase them or make them use some outdoor equipment. A basketball hoop, soccer ball, or a trampoline are all great examples on what to ge.. If a parent can afford to buy their children video games or fund their video game addiction, they can easily afford to buy some active outdoor equipment. In the summer time, swimming pools are fantastic. Since you are now saving money by not buying video games, these items should seem pretty cheap.

5. Get your child or children involved in real hobbies & activities. Things like fishing, remote controlled cars & airplanes, a train set, model rockets that launch, a go-kart, a bicycle, telescope... There are numerous children sports available in most cities. There are also fine clubs such as the Girl and Boy Scouts.

6. If your child has a real problem with being addicted to video games, you can give them 3 capsules of St. John's Wort on a daily basis. This is a catalyst to your brain to give you more serotonin. Video game addiction is a natural chemical addiction. This will help with the anxiety and frustration they will go through if they are truly addicted.

7. Also a diet change of healthy home cooked meals (from scratch and not processed) along with plenty of fruits and veggies will fill them with so much energy they may not want to sit still! Video game addictions have been known to be part of every platform including computers, Nintendo, Sony PSP, Xbox, Game Cube, Wii... There is no specific platform known where people have not become addicted!

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