How to treat a rash naturally.

How to Treat a Rash Naturally 

Rashes hurt, burn, itch, and look terrible. There is almost nothing more annoying and troubling than an itchy rash.

There are excellent natural cures for skin rashes that work wonderfully. These cures can help you to save money since you will not have to visit a doctor! Even for an itchy skin rash there many natural treatments! However there are many types of and variation of skin rashes as well. Rashes are 1 of 3 things - viral, bacterial, or fungal.

1. The first step is to determine what type of rash you have. Most rashes that occur in places on your body that are exposed and in the open are bacterial. Most itchy skin rashes that occur in warm dark places on your body are fungal. Most rashes that appear all over you body are viral. Some rashes such as poison ivy are allergy.

This is merely a general rule of thumb, and not an exact Science.

2. If you or somebody else has a fungal rash such as athlete's foot, diaper rash, ringworm, and jock itch, a baking soda paste (baking soda mixed with water) will destroy any and all fungus. Apply this paste to the effected parts of the body. For a baby's diaper rash, a baking soda bath would be great. The best way to fight yeast is to keep things dry and cool. For Jock itch a great remedy is to apply baking soda paste, then wash, and then apply antiperspirant deodorant to the affected area. This will keep the area from getting moisture as well and keep the itchy skin rash from bothering you. Baking soda is an incredibly cheap and inexpensive cure for yeast rashes and you will save a lot of money by using it.

3. For bacterial rashes, such as Impetigo, Cellulitus, Folliculitis, and Erythrasma, tea tree oil is an absolute must. Apply the tea tree oil to the affected area, and you will absolutely see results while watching your itchy skin rash vanish. Also, it is a good idea to boost your immune system at the same time, and let your immune system fight the bacteria as well. You can do this by taking Echinacea, which acts like a catalyst to send your immune system into overdrive.

4. For viral skin infections there is no cure except for you immune system to destroy it. (There are no cures for viruses). The best thing you can do is to take Echinacea to boost your immune system function to treat the itchy skin rash. Also get plenty of rest. You can apply salves & ointments to relieve some of the itching and/or pain.

5. For skin allergies such as poison ivy, it's best to keep it dry & clean. Also taking a supplement of fresh bee pollen is suggested. (Bee pollen is an allergy inhibitor to many people who use natural medicine). Keep in mind that poison ivy is simply an allergic reaction and not a typical itchy skin rash. After you treat a rash, if it does not heal within a week, consult a medical doctor to see if there is any other things you can do.

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