How to get free internet.

How to get Free Internet 

There are so many individuals today who are looking to save money and be more frugal by learning how to get free internet service. There are many ways to actually get free internet service however I must warn that some of the methods are simpler than others. Also please consult the laws in your individual country or state to determine the legality of the method you use for a free internet connection. The following steps will teach you how to get free internet and help you to start saving money.

This is a 24dbi parabolic grid pointing towards a hotspot for free internet.Getting free internet with a parabolic WIFI setup.


1. Ask a neighbor. Many times a willing neighbor will let you have access to their WIFI setup so that you can get free internet. You can share the same connection with them. Often though, it is a courtesy to give them some money or help pay for the connection that you will be sharing together. For most internet users, they don't even come close to needing the amount of bandwidth that modern day providers will give them.

2. Use a library or city free internet connection. There are so many free wireless hotspot connections available in many municipalities. You can connect to these through a laptop, or if you can buy a parabolic grid WIFI antenna and connect it to a router, you can get the connection for free. Often a 24dbi parabolic grid antenna has the range of several miles. Often people will point these powerful antennas towards a library or a local hotspot in order to get free service. Some people use an amplifier behind these antennas, but if you choose to do so, check the legality of it in your area.

3. Use business WIFI connections available to the public for internet access. Many eating establishments and restaurants have free WIFI available. Sometimes they don't specify whether or not you have to be a patron to use the free WIFI internet connection. If you are able to hook up a much more powerful parabolic or "YAGI" styled directional antenna, it will create a focus beam on the radio signal and you will achieve greater bandwidth through your free internet connection. Some of these antennas are powerful and focused enough to penetrate concrete walls.

4. Purchase a parabolic grid antenna connected to a router with DD-WRT and start to scan the horizon for free wireless hotspots.

This is a sample of a DD-WRT scan of hotspots.Sample WIFI scan from DD-WRT.

Often people leave a wireless internet connection open for other people to use for free internet access. The importance of the DD-WRT software is that it will allow you to take an ordinary router that is compatible, and transform it into an ultra powerful device. You can amplify your signal stronger, scan WIFI signals, and even do some computer functions through the router itself. It basically will open up your router to a much stronger chance of getting a free internet connection.

5. If you have a computer based cell phone with 3G or 4G access, try to find a hotspot program for your cell phone that will allow you to access the internet from all your home computers and laptop. You can actually turn your cell phone into a hotspot with certain programs. You can even use your cell phone as a wireless repeater if needed. For instance, if you share a connection with your neighbor you can repeat it from your cell phone to your computer on the other side of the house. This will make your cellular phone the "middle man" in between the connections.

I hope that these tips will help you learn how to get free internet. I have personally had free internet service from a city connection for over 7 years now with a net savings now of over $8,000 during that time period. I receive access from a router and a parabolic grid antenna from a free city hotspot that is half a mile away. Most of my transfers were approximately 300k per second, until they recently upgraded to wireless N, and now I get 600k per second for free.

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