How to get software for free.

How to Get Software For Free 

Freeware is a fantastic way to get many pieces of software for free. Freeware is simply what it means! It's free and completely legal for you to own, copy or distribute. Freeware can help you save money on software costs in your business as well as personal use and is an important part to keeping a good budget tight for your business. In order to get software for free, you will want to follow these steps.

1. If you want software for free on the Microsoft Windows operating system, you will need to use a search engine such as Google and use the term "freeware". This will give you many web sites that have free downloadable freeware for your computer. It is very simple to use. You can find many freeware pieces of software for the Microsoft Windows operating system, however there are a vast quantity of freeware available for the Linux operating system.

2. If you would like the ultimate operating system for software for free, you will want to use the Linux operating system. Not only is Linux completely free it has an enormous database of free software that comes with it. It also has a full free office suite and many other features. I would suggest the Ubuntu Linux suite as it is extremely easy to get use to. This free software has the potential to save money for yourself or your company.

3. Use sites such as "Freecycle" or "Craigslist" and see if people are giving away software for free. Sometimes software can be a bit older and people are simply willing to give it away.

4. Look for software for free at garage sales. Often people are either willing to give the software away or they will sell it for an extremely cheap price. I have gained an enormous amount of software for free at garage sales.

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