How to save money by living in simplicity.

How to Save Money By Living in Simplicity 

In our modern lives, we often fill an emotional need of bonding between people with things of material possession. This is very evident when you drive down the streets in your area and see garages filled from floor to ceiling with stuff. Not only do these things complicate the owner's life by adding clutter and distress, but all of that stuff cost a lot of money to purchase. Imagine how much you can save money if you could just "make do" with what you have rather than feeling the pressure or desire to have more.

Owners of so many things often find it hard to break free because they have formed emotional attachments and feel like they will need the items in those piles of stuff. Other issues that we often face in our modern lives are to have larger, newer or better things when the things we already have work and are good enough. I've seen many men wanting bigger and larger television sets rather than keeping the perfectly good working ones they have now for instance. By living simply we can eradicate the need for us to go out spending all this money on all this "stuff" that we decide to purchase.

Think about the things in your life that you have carelessly spent money on. If you could have all of that money back, how much would you have? I've heard many people account that they could pay off their homes and completely be debt free! We all have to come to our senses and make a tremendous effort to not go out and buy needless things. Do you really need 100 pairs of shoes or could 3 pairs work for you? How much money could you save? Do you need a larger TV, granite countertops, a fancier car? Or is the TV, your current countertops, and car all work fine for its intended purpose? Think of how much you will save money & what debts you could pay off if you were just to "make do" with what you had, and lived a much more simple & humble lifestyle. A simple lifestyle is not what is encouraged by the downpour of media telling us that we constantly need more.

We have to ignore these things and keep up a simple attitude towards what we have, and count all the blessings that have been given to us. Living in simplicity can save you an enormous amount of money because you will not feel the need to buy more, nor will you feel the pressure by society to keep up with the "Joneses".

There is a mind game involved, because many of us have grown up in social classes that do not always accept this way of thinking. These are bonds that must be broken in order for us to achieve financial victory while casting off judgment from others. An attitude where it is okay to not always have the best, and to use what you have, fix what is broken, is almost always a better choice than buying new. If you can manage to keep the discipline of simplicity, it will save you a ton of money in your life.

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