How to get housing with low income.

How to Get Housing With Low Income 

There are many ways that an individual can get housing with low income. The federal government working with state and local government have setup many programs that can provide people with government assistance for getting cheap, affordable, or free housing. Many people with low income will save money on the price of a mortgage with government assistance. Also these low income individuals will also have the opportunity to possibly live in completely free government housing which will save them money as well.

1. If you need government assistance for free or very low cost housing, contact your local DHS / Department of Human Services office (county office). Ask for information for low income housing. They should provide you with information on programs such as section 8 housing and apartments.

2. Contact HUD housing programs either by the internet or by phone. HUD stands for housing and urban development and specializes in assisting people get low income and discount housing who usually could not qualify for a conventional home loan. HUD is a great resource for people who need housing with low incomes. HUD has helped countless people save money on interest rates and loan amounts for many years.

3. You may be able to qualify for a standard FHA loan (Federal Housing Administration). These loans are offered to Americans who have lower incomes, low credit, but need a home. They are great for first time home buyers as well and excellent for people who have low incomes but need housing.

4. If you or your spouse is a veteran, you can get a very good VA loan from the government. These loans are usually very low interest and absolutely save money for people who are able to get them. VA loans are easy to qualify for if you or your spouse has gotten an honorable discharge from the military.

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