How to get free video games.

How to Get Free Video Games 

Without a doubt, video game purchases are pretty expensive and often will leave a person's wallet feeling a lot emptier. Some people look for creative ways to get discounts on the video games that they purchase. Today though, in this rough economy, with so many people struggling around the world, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to share with you how to get free video games. Often people make an erroneous judgment that free video games must be illegal. Though this may hold a figment of truth to it when people engage in illegal piracy, there are absolutely legal ways to obtain free video games. .

1. Become a beta tester. Many software companies will send beta or "test" versions of their software to individuals who are willing to be their guinea pig and report back any problems, glitches, or bugs that they may encounter. The software manufacturer are more than ecstatic to give away their software for free to get a report back to them how many bugs a person has found or issues they may come across. It reduces a great amount of overhead for the developer, and is fun for the beta tester. It is a win-win situation that will land you with a free video game.

2. Ask to borrow or trade video games with friends or family. Simply work together on a borrow system and swap titles with one another. Since you have the original software, you have a perfectly legal free video game that you can play all you want. This is one of the many cases in life where you don't need to own something to truly enjoy it. Always have consideration for the friend or family member that you are engaging in a swap with, and be sure to lend them a good title in exchange. Though this is a form of barter, you are not losing anything, and still get to enjoy the benefits of a free video game.

3. Ask your local library to setup a video game section along with the movies. If you really want to know how to get free video games, you must be willing to take the initiative in hand and pursue your local library to stock some video game titles on their shelves. Explain that they are expensive purchases for the residents of the city, and that it could benefit the entire community to have a video game section. Though a courtesy would be to donate some of your video games to start the collection, it is not entirely necessary. Once your library embraces the idea, and approves an allotted amount of shelf space, they can place a sign on the empty shelves encouraging people in the community to donate video game titles. Soon enough you will be able to get free video games just by working with others in your community through a library!

4. Ask people in your locality for free games! There is a section on Craigslist that is called "wanted". You would be surprised that some people just have a console and several games sitting in a box somewhere in their closets that they just think is clutter. It's always good to be polite in your ad, and simply state that you really like games and hoped that you could assist them in removing clutter from their home. People have been known to obtain full consoles and numerous titles this way. I have personally given away free video games to a neighborhood child who simply asked nicely.

5. Set up a swap group. With the convenience and speed of the internet, it is simple to setup a swap group within your community to simply trade video games with one another. Post signs advertising a yahoo group or similar of what the intent is of the group. You can trade, borrow, and work with people in your own area to form a video game trading network. You can also interview and explain the rules to newcomers about being responsible to only keep the swapped title in the network, and that they are financially responsible if they were to lose or damage it. Within that context of agreement, you can build a good network of trusted individuals who can engage in fair and honest trading.

Now that you know how to get free video games, it is important that you put these steps into action. Be sure to communicate and ask people in your area. Be sure that you are never shy, and always confident when speaking to people on the subject. Everybody knows how expensive video game titles are, and will probably be pretty open to the ideas that you may present.

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