How to imporve a child's handwriting skills.

How to Improve Your Childs's Handwriting Skills _________________________________________________________________________________

Having neat handwriting is an incredibly important skill for a child to learn. They will use this skill through their entire life and will need to often make legible and neat handwriting for other people to see. Some children have weaker handwriting skills than others and will need additional help at home. Coming from a strong education background and homeschooling 5 children, I will teach you some great and simple ways to improve your son or daughter's handwriting skills. You can do this cheaply and save money on expensive handwriting books.

1. Talk with your child and let them know that it is okay that they are struggling with having neat handwriting. Often this subject is very sensitive to children and they need reassurance from their parents. Let them know that you had trouble with it as well, and/or that you love them and wish to help them to have neater handwriting.

2. Using a search engine, find printable handwriting sheets on the internet. These are available from many sources and are free as well. Print out these sheets and have your son or daughter practice their handwriting skill. Be sure that you are there with them to watch and monitor how they are doing. They need to feel that you are with them while they learn.

3. Have your child write you short stories. If you notice words that seem illegible or sloppy, be sure that you gently mention that you feel that they could improve that word with practice. Have your child write that word 5 times more legibly so that they can improve their handwriting skills.

* Remember to always keep a light heart and a fun atmosphere when teaching your child. A negative learning environment can frustrate both the child and parent.

*Cursive, print, capital, and lower case letter worksheets are all available online.

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