How to get a free cell phone from the government

How to Get a Free Cell Phone From the Government

With the pitiable economy evoking poverty and low wages on the populace of America, many people are seeking information on how to get a free cell phone from the government. Morphed with all government benefits of free housing, free welfare, free food from SNAP programs, and free health care, we now have a welfare benefit of free cellular phones. The only requirements that you must have in order to be approved for this program, is to have a low income, be receiving food stamps or SNAP, TANF or some form of welfare, or be disabled. If you fulfill these requirements, you are able to obtain an absolutely free cell phone from the government. The free cell phone is also known as an "Obama phone".

This benefit can be supportive and helpful for somebody that must have a cell phone but cannot afford one. It will help individuals who earn a low income save money on the price of a cell phone and cellular service. This can be a benefit to the people of America because it allows for a welfare recipient to have the freedoms and conveniences of job seeking or communication from their employers. For the best chances of immediately qualifying for a free government cell phone, please use the following steps to help you.

Qualify for a Free Government Cell Phone

First you will need to have some of your personal information ready such as your name, Social Security Number, and income information. Since you are required to already be receiving benefits such as food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, or any number of federal programs, you should have case numbers and paperwork from these programs. Have your documentation & account numbers prepared before you place your call in order to save yourself time during the application process. The cellular provide will verify the types of welfare benefits that you receive, so be sure to have the documentation read. You will also need personal identifying information such as your Social Security Number and physical address when you make the call.

Remember, you cannot have a high or upper middle class income to be approved for the free cellular phone. The benefit exists only to those who are dependent on other government programs. The cellular provider does not have a lengthy application process, rather just cross verifies that the applicant is with another government welfare program to make approval. On a rare occasion, applicant who are not currently receiving assistance on another government welfare program, are allowed to prove their low income situation to the cellular provider. The cellular provider will verify this information but the process can be lengthier than if the applicant was currently receiving government assistance. All verifications will be completed prior to the final decision is made.

Remember this cell phone is absolutely free and paid for by the taxpayers of the United States. It is essential when learning how to get a free cell phone from the government that the service is most often provided to those who are already on some type of welfare assistance program. You will be asked to relay details about which type of assistance that you are currently on over the telephone.

Applying for a Free Government Cell Phone

Enroll for your free cellular phone from the government at: This is the primary contractor that processes the free cellular phone applications and is also the carrier of the cellular phone service and physical cellular phones that you will get to use the service. You can choose from many different models of phones, each varying in the features and options. Sometimes they will allow you to transfer your service to an existing cellular phone that you may already have. There are individuals that have free cellular service, on iPhones and smartphones.

For enrolment support: 1-800-977-3768
For technical support: 1-800-378-684

Safe Link Wireless
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

Oftentimes people may have a bit of trouble getting either the application approved or with technical issues. The representatives at Safe Link Wireless should be able to assist you with any type of complications or problems that may arise with your cell phone, service, or application process. This company will be exactly similar to a standard cellular provider and will be able to assist you with any features, specifications, or services that you will get with your cell phone. The free government cell phone program has existed now for several years and has proven to be a blessing for many individuals.

If you would like more information on how to get a free cell phone from the government be sure to contact Safe Link Wireless. Remember that there may be a small hold time because the free phones are in high demand right now. Your patience is appreciated! A friendly representative will be able to give you further aid to your questions and concerns.

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