Application process for TANF in Wyoming.

How to get TANF in Wyoming 

The great State of Wyoming's DFS (Department of Family Services) manages the federal funding for the TANF program. TANF (temporary assistance for needy families) helps families financially by providing cash benefits on a monthly basis. Often this money will help a family to overcome difficult financial times it may be going through. This temporary benefit often helps a family to avoid a financial catastrophe such as a foreclosure, repossession, or utilities being turned off. Recipients of the Wyoming TANF program are often encouraged to find jobs or seek training to help them to become independent of the program.

Unlike popular rumors that tend to circulate about government welfare programs, the Wyoming TANF benefits have incredibly strict requirements for somebody to be approved. These requirements are that they recipient must be able to prove that they have very low financial resources, are citizens of the United States that live in Wyoming, and are free from felony convictions. Wyoming's DFS will verify all information provided on the application.

Apply for TANF in Wyoming

Prior to the applicant attempting to complete a Wyoming TANF application, it is suggested that the applicant acquire personal and financial information about every member in the home. This information includes Social Security Numbers, pay stubs, bank statements, bills, and rent and mortgage information. The applicant will need this information for the rather lengthy application form. The applicant can complete the application form online or they may choose to complete a standard paper application. Most applicants decide that the electronic online TANF application tends to process faster since the information will not need to be manually submitted by a DFS agent.

The applicant should complete all of the questions with extreme accuracy and write legibly if they are using a paper application. Pay special attention to the spelling of names, places of work, and street names for addresses. Falsification of information on the Wyoming TANF application in attempt to defraud the amount of money awarded is considered a crime. It is absolutely mandatory that the applicant only provide correct information on their application. Conventional errors that are very typical are not considered a crime of any sort, but it may delay the administrative processing time.

TANF Interview in Wyoming

When the applicant has fully completed the application the agents of the DFS will review the application to verify if the applicant's financial situation falls within the bounds of approval. When an applicant's information seemingly meets the requirements by the State of Wyoming for approval of TANF, they will contact the applicant and arrange the interview time. The interview will be conducted at a DFS field office or over the phone if the recipient is disabled. The interview questions will usually center around the information provided on the application form. The agent will collect documentation to support the answers that the applicant has given at the time of the interview.

The Wyoming DFS will then place the application into final review before approving the applicant to become a recipient. When the applicant is approved, they will be assigned a date on which the TANF benefits will be replenished on a monthly basis. The applicant will also be mailed (or given) an EBT (electronic benefits transaction) card which will function much like a debit card in ATM's, debit purchases, or for paying bills. The card will function wherever EBT is accepted. If the recipient were to use all of the allotted funds in their account, they will have to wait until the benefits are replenished on the assigned date.

With our uncertain and rough economic situation in this country at this time, many people are searching for ways on how to get TANF in Wyoming. It is important to remember that the lines at the DFS offices could be long, so bring something to keep you occupied while you wait. The DFS agents strive hard to process thousands of applications and want to process yours as quickly as possible. Patience granted to the DFS by all applicants is greatly appreciated.

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